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Choosing the Right Level of Staging for Your Home for Sale

The idea of “staging” your home may be frightening to you as a home seller, but it doesn’t have to be. Staging a home is not just for upscale, multi-million dollar properties. Homes of all types, from compact-sized condos to single detached homes in middle-class neighbourhoods can benefit from the expertise of a professional home staging service.

Having someone come into your home, remove all your possessions and haul in all new furniture and décor definitely can seem threatening. That option is certainly available for those who want or need it, but there are other levels of staging that are less intensive.  Depending on your specific needs, a “lighter” level of staging may be all you need to make your home more aesthetically appealing to buyers.

Level 1- The Consultation.

If you are more of a “DIY”, then having a consultation may be what you are looking for. A consultation, verbal or written, outlines a room-by-room action plan on the decluttering, depersonalizing and cleaning that needs to take place, as well, it includes a colour and design concept and recommendation.

Level 2- Fluffing. 

It might sound like a funny term, but picture it like fluffing up a throw pillow that has been crushed out of shape.  “Fluff” staging means working with existing furniture and making it look more appealing. It includes implementing a design concept and a colour scheme that will flow from room to room.


Level 3- Partial staging. 

Partial staging involves working with your existing furniture and adding accessories, ie: cushions, throws, pictures, lamps, plants, etc, to enhance the features and functionality of the home, to ultimately attract the larger buying audience to your home.


Level 4- Full staging. 

It may be that bringing in all new furniture and décor is the best option for your particular home for sale. This is especially true for homes that have been vacated while still on the market.  It is more difficult to sell a home that has no furniture because potential buyers have a harder time picturing what it would look like with someone (like themselves) actually living in it.  Full staging can transform an empty home for sale into a modern show home. Smart sellers know that a home with aesthetically-pleasing furniture inside gives off a warm, inviting feeling, unlike an empty house, which can come across as cold and impersonal.

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