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Four Tools That a Home Stager will use to Help Sell Your Home Faster

Professional home stagers have been around since the 1970’s, but it wasn’t until the 1990’s that the idea of staging a home for the real estate market began to gain momentum with the public. Today, almost everyone knows what a professional home stager does, and yet only a small percentage of home sellers actually use one. This is in spite of the fact that homes that are staged before being put on the market tend to sell faster and for a higher price than those that aren’t staged by a professional.

Professional home stagers have a number of tools at their disposal which they use to help sell your home faster.  These tools and skills can make a big difference not only in the time that it takes to sell but also in the final selling price.

1) An objective eye.

When a potential buyer views a home for sale, they want to be able to envision the home with them and their family living in it. They don’t want to see what the home looks like with someone else living in it. In fact, viewing a home that has personal touches, like family pictures on the walls or shelves full of collectible plates can actually turn off a potential buyer.

It can be difficult for a homeowner to spot these potential turn-offs because he has seen them every day for years, even decades. An experienced home stager has no emotional ties to your home. She will come in with fresh and objective eyes and quickly spot these personal touches that, although precious to the homeowner, may be a deterrent to actually selling the home.

2) A cache of contemporary furnishings and accessories.

It’s okay to be attached to your grandmother’s overstuffed floral couch, but it may not show off your living room in its best light. Home stagers have access to furniture and furnishings that are modern and new. Placed in your home, they will help to play up the best features of every room in your home.

This is not to say that some of your own furnishings can’t stay. Instead, your home stager will take the best of both her and your furnishings to make each room look appealing and compensate for any shortcomings.

3) Decorating know-how.

A home stager does the same things that an interior decorator does, but with a very specific goal. Instead of decorating the home to suit the owner, she decorates to attract potential owners. She has a trained eye for colors that work well together and myriads of ideas of how to put furniture and decorative items together in ways that look attractive. She can even take those awkward spaces in your home, like recessed walls, and create an aesthetically-appealing display.

4) Connections with other related professionals.

Even the nicest contemporary furnishings can’t cover up some problems. Things like broken railings, stained carpet and dirty walls are a turn-off to buyers. Fortunately, these things are easy and inexpensive to remedy. A home stager has a keen eye for these things and many local connections to businesses and products that can help to fix them.

Four tools that a home stager will use to help sell your home faster: Text
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