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Staging Works, Here's Proof!

Homes that are staged sell quicker and for more money. The majority of homes I stage sell within a month and even as fast as 2 days of being on the market. Recently, a home I staged in Port Coquitlam sold in 9 days and received $11,000 over the asking price. Another striking example of the effectiveness of staging . . . there was a home on the market for 2 years with various realtors trying their hand at selling it. The latest realtor called me in and it sold within 2 weeks of me staging it. Had these homes not been staged, this would not have been the case. Trust me, STAGING WORKS!

If you are thinking of selling, imagine yourself as the buyer. Where would you start to look for your home? 95% of buyers start looking online before they decide to visit a home. The photos of your home online are what will generate the traffic coming through your open house. It’s extremely important to create a great first impression; because, as the saying goes, you don’t get a 2nd chance at it.

If a home can draw you in emotionally, an offer will be made. Buyers are looking for a reason to buy your place. Give them what they want and prepare your home by doing the groundwork . . . the depersonalizing, the decluttering and the cleaning. Then call in your friendly stager and have her create the WOW for your home!
I LOVE what I do and it’s always extremely rewarding for me to see the homes that I stage, sell quickly and above the asking price.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Staging Works, Here's Proof!: Text
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